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I wish to ask from anyone who can reasonably respond that is being a heart valve recipient a hurdle in getting a research scholarship, All the guidance advice and help is greatly welcomed

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Hi Javed - I wouldn't have thought having an MHV
would preclude you from obtaining a research grant 
as you are now deemed to be healthy.
Thanks for encouraging reply. Me also thinking positively about myself now after every passing day

Hello Javed. I am sure if you are feeling well and able to manage normal working hours that if a MHV were to be a hurdle in receiving your scholarship, surely it would have to be discrimination of some sort. I hope you get that research scholarship. Having heart surgery can be life changing in such a positive way, it makes you appreciate life more, it makes you more empathetic to peoples trials and tribulations and I am sure it would only contribute to making you now even more focused and better at what ever it is your research is focused on. Let us know how it all goes my fingers are crossed for you and I am all excited for what sounds like an exciting future for you. Remember my moto "I came, I saw, I conquered then I laughed hysterically about the whole thing". Keep smiling, take care Vittoria xx

Thanks for a very positive feed back . Hope it goes all well. Actually i am selected for a scholaship and at the moment completing my documents and legal formalities as the scholarship is a state sponsored scholarsip.please do pray for me in a important phase of my life.

In the process of learning German language course.still in tension about the German insurance system.Being given a health insurance form which will have to submit by end of October.will I be accepted by them.All other formalities done

Can anyone help me in understanding the German health insurance system especially for foreign students please

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