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Salut All !

From sunny Toulouse, very hot the last few weeks - between 28°c and 42°c, a bit difficult but all OK. What's happening, no posts, no correspondence ... is this because we are all as fit as a butchers dog ?

Happy holidays to you all, have a great summer and may we all keep ticking. Love Kevin

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Hi Kevin

Great to hear from you, so glad you are keeping well. I’m still ticking. I’ve been keeping very well since my Op in Apr12. I’m still cycling a lot and going on cycling holidays. It’s amazing what science can do.

Keep ticking

Hope you all have a great summer.

Best wishes to you & all on this fantastic website.


Hi Kevin..

Yes.. seems very quiet on the MHV front.. Guess we are all 'a tickin and a clickin' and enjoying the lovely summer... 



Hello Kevin,

Hello Kevin,

I am from India, thank very much for this MHV, it's very nice to see same type of people on one plateform


All good here Kevin :-) 



Enjoy the summer but don't forget to stay cool.

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