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What information have people been given about the new guidelines concerning antibiotic cover?

My surgeon told me that she would prefer me to still take antibiotics. I'm worried that I will have a hard time convincing HCP's to ignore the guidelines and give me ab's. My dentist is pretty good, so not too many worries there. My GP was talking about fitting a coil, and was surprised when I requested ab cover, even though I have previously been given it for ob/gyn procedures. In fact, I'm going to hold back on the coil until I have a chance to discuss it with my cardiologist.

Have the guidelines changed worldwide or is it just in the UK? Are most UK based mechanical valve patients not receiving antibiotic cover now?

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My op is in the next 6 weeks and my dentist said i needed my wisdom teeth out first,however it was desided that it was going to be to much of a risk so i have been told that they are staying in.I have always had AB cover when at the dentists but when this came up i  asked my doctor and he said that they no longer recomend AB cover.

My dentist told me that the current guidelines are not to provide antibiotic cover for dentistry for people at a higher risk of endocarditis. Apparently they believe that more people are adversely affected by reactions to antibiotics than people that contract endocarditis from routine dentistry. His personal view was that it was a cost saving decision rather than clinical. That being said he was happy to give antibiotic cover for any invasive dental work as long as I had a letter from my Cardiologist. My discharge letter from the hospital recommended antibiotic cover and the dentist has filed that in his records and is happy to give me antibiotic cover going forward. His father has a MHV so I guess he is sympathetic to the risks.

Hi Madeleine

I always take 3gram of amoxycillin 2hrs before any dentist work and have been every time I have been to the dentist since I had my MHV implanted 12years ago.  I am unsure whether this has changed in Aust however I would rather be safe than sorry as the risk of endocarditis via dentistry is high without antibiotic cover.  When I had my wisdom teeth out I had IV antibiotics before and after the procedure.


It does seem like a lot of surgeons and cardiologists are still telling patients with artificial heart valves to take antibiotic cover. From what I can see, artificial valve patients are still given ab cover in the US, but patients with valvular heart disease such as BAV are not.

I do find it quite confusing when there is conflicting medical advice given out.

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