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Support Group for Mechanical & Artificial Heart Valve Surgery & Using Warfarin

Hello All. Some of you might already know that we are a founding member of ACSMA the Anti Coagualtion Self Monitoring Alliance based here in the UK.  

We are campaigning for greater choice for patients on warfarin about how their condition should be managed, with our goal to empower patients wherever possible to have the choice about whether to self-test or self-manage their treatment.

We firmly believe that this change would enable improved health outcomes and save time and money for both patients and the NHS as well as release patients from the often costly and time consuming testing regime travelling outside of their home, as well as provide a real solution for those who travel frequently . 

We have implemented a special section on the top menu of the MHV site for ACSMA. Please visit it and if possible spend some time on the ACSMA site and support us if possible.

In closing, we really believe in this and we believe it will make a HUGE positive difference if our lobbying (and with your support!) can bring this change about to our health system!) 

Many thanks..

Graeme Archer


Mechanical Heart Valve Support Group

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