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Hi, 9 1/2 months since my op. Still struggling emotionally with the thought of what has happened and i have nit looked at my chest yet as i am quite consious. I dont know why im feeling like this as i had already had open heart surgery as a child. Anyway i am trying to do something positive and i am raising money for the british heart foundation by undertaking a 17mile hike through the high peak of derbyshire. If anyone would like to sponsor me for this my just giving page is Thanks in advance xx

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Hi Emily,

Good for you! You will find that as time goes by the body is rather remarkable and your chest scar will virtually disappear (I've had my 'new' valve now for nearly 11 years!) and you cannot notice it. Ill pop over to 'Just giving' later and take a look at your hike! Make sure however you train for it and also take it easy with the weather ...not nice out there!




Good luck with the walk - hope it is not too hilly, wet or cold.

I would not worry about the scar, as Graham says it does tone down over time, but until it does - just remember that you are special - you are a member of the "Zip Club"!!!  More to the point the heart valve should work for ever, and that while the scar might look a little glaring at the moment, it is only there because the wonderful surgery has saved your life.  I think it is  very easy to think that your cup is half (or more) empty, because you have needed the surgery, but I would regard the scar with pride!

Hi Emily

I definitely echo James's comments. Don't worry about the scar - better to here than not. I had my Op just over 1.5yrs ago and my scar has 'toned down' so much.

Good luck this weekend, it's for a great cause, well done you. Hope the weather treats you kindly.

Take care


I DID IT!!!!!! I'm in pain but only with my legs. It was extremely hard but I did it even if it did take me 6 hours. British Heart Foundation might be using my story for some promotional purposes next year so if that happens hopefully it will have some positive effect on someone. Thank you Martina for my sponsor it means a lot. BHF are hoping to raise over £80,000 from this event. Best get training for next year... Well maybe I will let my muscle have a rest first.
With love
A very proud, hobbling zip club member xxxx

Emily, well done! 

cheers Graeme

Hi Emily

Fantastic, very well done. Hope your muscles are resting well.

Best regards


Well done Emily, my daughter had a mechanical valve 6weeks ago and with regards to the scar ...I said to her Scars tell a story: we all have scars, scars on our bodies, scars on our souls. Scars never completely go away, but the good thing is that they don't hurt anymore... They show that you have been through something and overcome it. The scars remind you that it could have been worse but you survived. The scars of life don't define your character, they define your life's journey... A scar shows battles won! A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed, healed and done with. Winner have scars, she is a winner, you are a winner!! Do not live your lives based on the scars, but rather understand that we are now STARS, all thanx to the SCARS!! Don't let scars define you, let it show where you have been but not where you are going. May we celebrate these scars as a sign of Victory, we have overcome!! Stay blessed!

Well done on the hike! I have been through the mill emotionally too. its hard to get over such a major thing at our age or any age for that matter. it does get easier and as the others say, wear the scar with pride .... were part of an elite group!


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