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I had a Mitral Valve Replacement (mechanical) 4 years ago and been getting on with life since. But I had a scare in May this year when I was on a one week holiday in Barcelona and suddenly lost vision in my right eye. It turned out to be a massive bleed within the eye that filled the vitreous with blood and caused the retina to tear and detach. I had surgery and thanks to the Spanish Healthcare system was able to travel back home after 5 weeks with some vision restored. Recently I get subconjunctival bleeds causing pronounced bloodshot eye and take along time to clear up.  My INR is 2.5 to 3.5 and I keep within range. I'm wanting to find out if others on lifelong warfarin have had similar experiences particularly those who've been on warfarin for a while.

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Hi Janet


I have not visited the website much recently, so didn't see your Sept posting - hope all is well now. Warfarin definitely has it's Pro's & Con's but I think the Pro's out weight the Con's :) I had a fall off my road bike which resulted in a Bleed on the brain, so Brain surgery was needed that was over a year ago – all is well now. Still would rather have Warfarin than not…..


Happy holidays to everyone on the website & especially Graeme x

Best wishes


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