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Hi All,

Two and a half months post-op and recovering well!

Thanks to all on the forum for their positive comments and advice...

Anyway - do you pay for your Warfarin? My brother-in-law is diabetic and has daily injections of insulin. In conversation he said that, because his condition is life-long, he does not have to pay for related medication.

I raised this with my GP, and she told me that there was no exemption in my case. I am aware of exemptions that apply for all prescriptions, but sadly I do not qualify. 

In addition to Warfarin, I am taking 3 other drugs which are long term (prior to surgery I wasn't taking any). So at £8.05 per month for each of 4 drugs, I will be paying out almost £400 a year in prescription charges.

Should I get a second opinion on the charges?

If my GP is right, I will just have to look forward to my 60th birthday!!

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Hi Steve

Yeap, I have to pay for mine. I get an annual Prescription Prepayment Certificate for ~£104, look it up on

Very glad to hear you are recovering well.

Best Regards


Thanks, Martina. That will save me a fortune!

Very best wishes,



Glad to hear you are doing well.  Since the foundation of the NHS diabetic patients get free prescriptions - it is a legacy.  There is no logic that only diabetics get free prescriptions, and those with heart valves do not, but clearly no one is going to change the diabetic position!

As Martina says, the annual prepayment card is the easy, cheaper solution.  Bizarrely if you need 1mg, 3mg and 5mg warfarin this is three prescription items!  So a prepayment card is usually good value.


Hi Steve,
When I get my warfarin in various doses I only pay 1 charge.
Are you getting ripped off or am I just lucky!

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