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So it’s happy first birthday to my adopted SORIN Aortic valve replacement, with its Titanium stiffening ring which allows rotatability in-situ, generous sewing cuff conforms to annulus, minimizing perivalvular leaks, low profile minimizes housing interference with coronary arteries and unsurpassed safety and clinical record for valve related events – sounds more like a piece of kit which we would install on one of our Eurostar 3000 satellites than a heart valve.

So very grateful to my surgeon Dr Sauer and cardiologist Dr Brut (both retired, what a shame) and a great big thanks to all of you who have helped support me over the past year. Kisses to my darling wife who has had to put up with me all these years !



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Happy first Birthday Kevin, 

Glad to hear from you - it's a great feeling to reach your first year - heres to many more years.

I will raise my glass in celebration to you tonight.

Best regards


Happy first valve birthday and wish you all best for the future.
congratulations Kevin - 1 year is the first major landmark ..... great feeling isn't it !

hi kevin

Happy first birthday! Ive just celebrated my first birthday too, ive decided that i am no longer 31 but 1 :) 

Carly x

Hi Carly

Well done you - Happy First Birthday to you.

It's just amazing how quickly time flies - I want to invent a time machine to slow it down sometimes.

Hope you have a lovely evening - I will drink a Cabbies for you.

Best regards


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