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"Heartbeat River"... Apparently this soundtrack masks the sound of your MHV for better sleep..

Hi all


I'm not flogging this nor endorsing it - the same as anything else that I occasionally stumble across and think might be of benefit to us all. :-)


This (apparently) - to quote the copy strapline for the product = "Heartbeat River" is a psychoacoustic soundtrack that aids sleep by masking the loud thumping noise of implanted mechanical heart valves by combining real heart valve sounds (randomized) with natural river water flowing over rocks.

Make up your own mind here - but it just might help some of us.. I was however quite suprised that the small percentage quoted of 12% of MHV recipients (I would have thought it was at least over 50% !) said they had trouble sleeping with the noise of the valve.. I think (know!) that nearly everyone is 'troubled' (try 'driven nuts'!) by the thump! at some time or another - and as for "you will get used to it" - the medical profession's fav. term for MHV noise :-( when you first have your valve -  that's a load of bs.


Anyway - heres the blurb:


"San Antonio, TX May 24, 2011 - Many people have trouble sleeping--just look at all the ads on TV for sleep aids. But, what if you had to listen to your own heart beating loudly all day every day? What if that very beating kept you awake at night? Even pills would not begin to address that. People with mechanical heart valves know all too well what this is like. World-wide 90, 000 people a year receive these mechanical valves and studies show that 12% have some degree of difficulty sleeping.
Alex Perica, producer of the audio recording "Heartbeat River" said, "This specialized program was created to help my friend, Stacy. After hearing her complain how the loud noise of her heart-valve keeps her awake at night, I started thinking 'how can I help?' It never occurred to me that a mechanical valve (a replacement for the mitral or aortic heart valve) could hinder sleep. So, I came up with a plan designed to fit this precise problem."

For more than 30 years, Alex has been in studios creating a wide assortment of audio projects, as well as an on-stage musician. He was glad all this experience could be applied to help his friend. After some time at a nearby river with on-site recording equipment, followed by editing in the studio, the prototype was ready for the patient. The 24:59 recording sounds like a gentle rain falling near a small river-valve sounds are no longer detectable.

Now came the real test-have Stacy give it a try. Early in the evening she listened to it and was hopeful, but not convinced. For too many years, nothing helped with the loud thumping. Later that night, she wore it to bed. In the morning she shared how amazed she was that for the first time she couldn't hear her heart. The annoying sound was masked successfully by the sound-recording "Heartbeat River." Stacy was able to fall sound asleep. Encouraged, she continued to wear it and had the same results. Success-it worked every time!

"I knew I had something! If this works so well for one, it can do the same for other heart valve patients. How many people can benefit from a better nights sleep and say goodbye to the relentless tick-tock of their heart valve? Let's see if we can get it out to the public and do some good," said Alex Perica. Here's hoping this new recording can help the 12% who struggle every night.

Heres the link to buy the CD MP3





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