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Wow! This one's a hornets nest! Here in the UK we have the much maligned (but by very few now) and the much LOVED (by mostly all of us in the UK!) National Health System (NHS) As a result of us all paying for this automatically in our taxes we receive  - as I did - world class FREE (well not really.. our taxes pay for it!) medical care including the most complex surgery and medical attention on the planet - thus we NEVER see a hospital bill.

However, our friends from across the pond in the USA with their *insurance dominated health system (*NO conversation on this please!) along with some other anectdotal evidence from some other countries quote a range from $6000-$8,000 USD for the cost of a MHV depending on what the hospital charges the patient for the item, as it seems that in the US hospitals their is a list price for valves (obviously) and then the hospitals charge their own specific prices which 'can' vary by thousands of dollars.

I don't know about the UK because of the NHS but do not think this is the case here (different prices from different hospitals for MHV's) or for other countries national health systems that are "free" eg Australia/NZ etc. 

So , let's see if we can pin down what a MHV costs? :-) ...

Please note I am NOT trying to create ANY disputation on the cost of MHV's as frankly the R&D costs for these incredible items runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of years of research hours to perfect these miracles of engineering that we are lucky enough to walk around with! 

Obviously also as the cost of MHV development is recovered (how much was your first PC?) costs should decrease, but again given the breakneck speed of medical technology development in this area this might not be necessarily so. 

Anyway, and input/feedback will be greatly appreciated!





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