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"Blood tests INR whilst in the States. This is the longest we will be away from home how do we go about having INR tests? Do we need to buy our own machine? Many thanks.

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It may be wise that you invest in a Coagcheck device. I have holidayed each year since my operation (far & wide) for about a month at a time. The Coagcheck is small, lightweight and you can pack enough test strips for up to one year. The battery life for me has been about 2 years on testing one a week. I would recommend that you buy one ASAP in order to get used to how it works. Hope this helps, happy holidays. Kevin

Thank you Kevin did you buy it in the UK?  It's for my daughter and do you phone in your results to the hospital? Many thanks  it will be a relief if we get the machine that way she is not tied to hospitals for something that takes a few seconds and also very disruptive for university too.

I purchased my machine  from the USA. You can buy one on Amazon UK or Amazon USA. You do not have to phone in results, the idea is that you are self-testing. Have a look on the Coagcheck site at the promotional video. Good luck Kevin.

Hi there, I bought mine from the UK, won't be without it. I do as Kevin says i.e. Self test but I now also Self dose as my Hospital is happy that I have the experience to do it :) Been doing it for just over 5yrs now - great bit of kit and is easy to use.

Best regards to you all

I was away for 9 months in 2012, and the Coaguchek was brilliant. Talk to your GP and hope you can get the test strips on prescription (sadly this varies around the country). Do a few tests start the same time as venous tests, to make sure you are happy and get the same results and away you go. I self mange my doses, it is not rocket science!

I've been looking after myself for 7 years, and now my hospital is happy and I only have venous tests 3 times a year.
I purchased my Coaguchek over 5 years ago direct from the manufacturer (Roche) and if you were a long term warfarin user you did not have to pay VAT. You have to fill in a declaration to qualify for the VAT exemption.
Thank you very much for your responses we spoke the doctor and was very informative and it is going to be the way forward for us. Stay blessed XXX

I bought a machine coagucheck monitor in 2013 and love it . I got a prescription written by my dr and it got covered by my drug plan, (even though they said it wasn't), got 100% reimbursed. I am in Canada. The price was about $1200 give or take, the strips are about $10 a strip (can get boxes of 24 or 48). Those are also covered by my private insurance. Good investment. Before I had my machine thought, my dr just wrote out a requisition for blood work to test my INR while out of the country. 

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