Living with a Mechanical Heart Valve: Click.Tick.Thump. Love It!

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Is it ever! - But I love it! YOUR thoughts and experiences in this it affects you, your partner, sleeping with a mechanical heart valve, questions - any other points? Put it all down here!

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Bear with it guys - it gets better ! 

It ends up being a relaxing and comforting noise.. 

Is your heart valve noisy? a bit like our antique wall clock, I hope it lasts as long as the clock has. Seriously, a gentle ticking during the night, amplified by the mattress at times when sleeping on my left side. My wife says that it gives her comfort to hear the ticking. Occasionally, during amorous moments, the valve sounds as though it’s going to burst though my chest and follow up with an alarm bell! All O.K, almost two years on and I hardly notice this gentle ticking, during non amorous moments that is :_) Kevin

Hi David

No medication need

Best regards


Martina mentioned the Heartbeat River soundtrack - I got it as a MP3 download off the internet.  Straight after the operation I used it on my IPOD at night and it really helped me block out the sound of the valve initially.  After about 2 months or so I didn't need it any more and had got used to the background noise of the valve.

As far as my wife goes - I found that a mattress topper helped to deaden the noise for her- so now she vary rarely hears my heart valve during the night.

Hello MHV friends! I had an aortic valve replacement about two years ago due to a leaky bicuspid valve and dilating ascending aorta. I received a St. Jude valve and a six cm dacron graft. It was very loud and concussive for the first year and a half. People would often ask me if I had a pocket watch. :) I get a lot of questions at the gym. "Does your heart rate monitor broadcast your heart beat? What app is that?" 

In my case, the dacron amplifies the sound of my valve. It was an odd sound and sensation for the first year but I eventually got used to it. Every once in a while I'll get into a position and can't hear or feel the valve, which I find distressing. It has quieted down quite a bit over the last year but it is audible when I am excited or anxious, which can be a bit embarrassing depending on the situation. The lady friend thinks its cute. 

Just keep clickin', just keep clickin', just keep clickin, clickin, clickin.. 

I'm happy to hear about your experience.  I had the same operation, St Jude valve and dacron graft, one year ago and still feel no relief from the pounding.  I wouldn't call it a click, its more of a thump which I can feel radiating out along my collar bones and often into my abdomen.  Can I ask how often you go to the gym?  I have not exercised much because it increases the pounding.  The exercise feels good but the thumping that night and the next day are extremely irritating.  

Maybe year 2 will offer some relief.




you DO get used to it..eventually! Yes to all you have said.. its as we have on the site ..Tick. Click. Thump! Yes - exercise increases the 'thump' as does amorous trysts (;-) ) (thanks Kevin!) but a 2 inch memory foam mattress topper has sorted the noise in bed travelling through the mattress and into my wife's pillow plus a pillow hugged to your chest (or a wheat bag) during sleeping helps lessens the thump to a gentle tick. I'm talking now 12 years since my AD so I have a little bit of authority on it...But bear with it.. you WILL eventually get used to it and strangely enough find it comforting..    



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