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My wife and I are thinking of traveling to Sri Lanka later this year, my question is, have any of you advice – do’s and don’ts for long haul travel. I have had a couple of trips to Moscow this year, no problem apart from INR being high, any advice welcome.


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1. Enjoy yourself.

2. Try and take your Warfarin at the same time as you would have at home.

3. If you can, self test, the change of diet and temperature is likely to change your INR, and self testing will ensure that you keep your INR in balance.

Thanks James, as ever good advice.


kevin - definately echo the comment about taking the Warfarin in UK time rather than local time. I have travelled a lot in the US on business recently and always took my Warfarin at 8pm UK time - so when I was on the east coast that was 3pm local time. It is not always possible (depending on where you are) as the time difference could mean taking them in the middle of the night local time but if you can it helps keep the INR stable.

The self testing is also a good idea - I find that when I am on holiday I metabolize the Warfarin more slowly (must be because I am relaxed maybe) - so my INR's start to increase - so being able to test helps keep that in check.

Hi Kevin


I too echo the above comments – when I was in China earlier in the year I took my Warfarin just before bed (as late as possible) because this was as close to 18:00 UK time that I could get, 18:00 UK time being my normal time. I always find my INR goes up when I travel from home – even if it’s a short trip to say Germany. I guess it’s just my routine is different. I test with my Coaguchek XS and adjust Warfarin dosage slightly if required.

Hope you both have a wonderful time – you deserve it.


Best regards


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