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Hello everyone

Here is another MHV mystery... my ferritin levels (iron in the blood) since my MHV was implanted has been very low - latest test it was 22 (avg male 30 - 300).  Back in 2002 I had cameras up my rear and down my gob (you know, colonoscopies!) to assess if there was any blood loss - none was found.  I was referred to a haematologist who said some MHV, like my medtronic-hall tilting disc valve, can destroy red blood cells as it passes through the valve. 

He went on to say that I was not anaemic and had good Hb levels and mild haemoloysis was seen to increase ferritin levels, not decrease them.  Anyway, ever since then I have had regular 6mthly iron tests and if low, which they usually are, I go on 3mths oral iron supplements which raises my iron levels to around 40 - 60 - still lowish but better than 8 - 22. 

Has anyone else ever experienced low iron levels, or had their iron levels checked post MHV?  If you are feeling tired, lethargic, confused and the like this could be the reason if you haven't had it checked before. 

Interested in your comments.



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My iron levels tend to get low. Just to the bottom of the range. Dr says I need to build up the reserve. I have the tabs but am not too regular in taking it. Part of the reason is not taking green vegetables to keep INR in check. I do feel tired before exercise but better after it.

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