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When,how or do you tell some one new you are dating about your valve?

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Its a GREAT party trick actually! Be proud of it - it's better than most peoples original valve(s) and will last longer..that's how I feel and what I tell all my friends. Does it make you 'different' to others. No - not really.. From a 'dating' perspective that's a bit difficult for me to answer as I am married - to the love of my life..but..I would be honest with your honesty is always a VERY good option to start with (!)

Your scar IS going to heal...and frankly the RIGHT partner/person is not going to give a toss about it anyway..nor the fact you have an artificial valve..seriously.


i am resigned to the fact that i am quite a collection of complicated issues now and if i am honest i don't want to have to put other people through my suffering. what i do know about myself is that i would be honest and upfront about it, no matter who it was, from the first night - it is not something that you can hide.
if it puts them off, then that is their loss. word on the street, however, is that women like a good scar or two - and while men and more likely to see a scar as a reminder of weakness, women see it as a signal of strength!
graeme, i think i am slowly developing vagina envy - you know of a good psychiatrist that won't get hypnotised by my heart valve...?
I had Open heart Surgery when I was 2 and a half, I have had the scar pretty much my entire life. I don't hide it and in fact feel it is part of me. I am going in for valve replacement surgery in October and have not been idle about letting people know up front. I hope that being honest is still accepted in today's world. I am currently single and not hiding any thing from any one. Doubt I will change that as that's part of who I am. People can either accept me or not it's their choice I just hope that I can find one true love after my surgery.

~ Jon

Well, as a woman, and the fact it is in my cleavage line( I cant hide it!!) if someone asks, I will tell them. Honestly whether I had the surgery or not it wouldnt matter to me personally.. I am single and am curious to see how people will react to my heart valve thingy!! :)

I hate getting sympathy. That is the one reaction I have not liked so far. Now I know how people with disabilities feel. A new reaction I have not gotten used to. "Awww, you poor girl". mahh!!

When ? - when they see the scar or get close enough to hear the tick/click/thump of my heartbeat!


No issues what so ever about it being there. it's just part of me!

Just an update:


My girlfriend was kind of prepared for it but not really sure what she was going to experience but she has grown used to it. my friends all know I had surgery before and a lot now know about this surgery and the implant. Some even bring stethoscopes to events and stuff that I have been attending to hear it better and a few newer friends I have played tricks on or told up front depending on how I see it when I meet them. One in particular started looking around the room for the pocket watch that was ticking until I told her it was me lol

Funny thing is , you cant hide the fact if someone gets you excited or just makes you plain happy!!! My heart beats so loud that my clients at work can hear it and say "whats going on?" your heart is beating so fast or loud" its hilarious!!

Mark Dalton said:

When ? - when they see the scar or get close enough to hear the tick/click/thump of my heartbeat!


No issues what so ever about it being there. it's just part of me!

Hey Holly


Great post! Yes .. getting excited is however i think a little ;-) (lot) louder than being happy...! But as we all say its part of us and my wife loves it and often snuggles into my chest when im sleeping to hear it... click tick thump... lol



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