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Hi I had a double valve replacement in 2011 a St Jude Mechanical valve to the aorta and a Homograft to the pulmonary artery. In less than a year I once again started suffering from Pulmonary Stenosis it is now severe with moderate to severe regurgitation. As I suffered with this problem since birth it is not causing any undue problems to the heart. Sorry its a long query but has anyone else had a tissue valve fail so quick.

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its not uncommon frankly. Depends a lot on what type of tissue valve and build up on the valve. The older you are the less likely a surgeon will implant a tissue valve because the average lifespan of a valve is between 8-10 yers - I believe . My tick and click is annoying at times but I know its a 100 year g/tee! 



They did consider a valvoplasty but an artery is in the same position so they can't do that without killing me. Have discussed having a St Jude mechanical valve but the pressures are to low to prevent possible clotting. At present they are doing nothing as I also have a single kidney with moderate chronic kidney disease. And it took 5 days for it to recover last time no urine output for 5 days was not good I looked like a bloated whale.

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