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How long or often do any of you receive or feel pain in different parts of your chest after your operations?


I had my surgery done on October 20th 2010 and every now and then I get pains in the joints of my shoulders or some times along the scar tissue on my chest. These especially show up with extreme weather and some times after sleeping in different positions for any length of time.


I know they said I could feel stuff for up to a year after surgery bu was curious about others experiences and so on.

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I had my surgery Dec.2009 and I still feel pain along the scar tissue on my chest.  Especially when I sleep on my side for too long.  Plus my kids like to climb on me and dig their knees and elbows in that spot.  I thought it was odd to still feel it too but, my Dr. said it is not unusual at all.



nice to hear from you. It will take a while to completley go away..for me the chest stil ltwinged up to 18 months later...and i still get a 'heavy ache' sometimes in my upper arms very infrequently now and again..but its really all worth it - believe me!





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