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Hi Guys,

Its been a while but i'm back. My surgery was succesful and I have been discharged by my Surgeon, which in itself is scarey.


I think I am suffering from PTS and cant seem to get over the surgery and how close I came to dying. I'm waiting on counciling, has anyone else felt this way?


I don't want it to take over my life, I dont want it to take over my life. Help!!




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Hi Carly... I know how you feel... being discharged and left to your own devices is a huge step into the unknown... when I was discharged I kept thinking it was too early, I'm not ready to deal with this.  

You have survived a major trauma to mind, body and soul... it’s going to take a while to come to terms with it, it’s not surprising that it feels all consuming... why wouldn’t it, heart surgery is no trivial matter.

For me, the surgery was the most mind blowing thing I had ever had to cope with. But hang in there it will get easier. I’m pretty sure there are many folk here who have felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the surgery.  Im only a month post surgery myself, an its taken a while for me to come to terms with the fact that im still  I am slowly begining to feel like I still have a life outside of thinking about valve replacement..........  the worst is behind you ..  good luck

Hi Anthony,

Thank god i'm not the only one! I'm 5 months post surgery and its only hitting me now! I know I will get my head round the whole thing . A friend of mine put it perfecty ..... I climbed mount Snowdon last year ill waiting on surgery and I'm not going to let this beat me!


I think sometimes i think I can do more than I actually can, silly! Im 30 and want to do what a 30 yr old does! haha


Time is a healer as they say! I need to pull myself together, I get married in 1 month :)


Thanks Antony!



Hi Carly

Anthony is right, you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by what you have been through. I'm 11 months post Op and I remember it took me a long time too. I'm usually very strong mentally and before the Op all I thought I had to worry about was getting over the physical effects of the major surgery but when I visited my surgeon approx 1month before the Op he said to me do not underestimate the mental stress the Operation will have on you. I thought I'll be fine with that but Nope he was right, I too kept thinking how close I came to dying! Becoming very tearful very often. Trust me, things do get better, it took me approx 1 to 2months to get mentally stronger, confident. Don't worry, what you are going through is very natural, just give you body and mind some time to recovery from all its been through, I know its an old saying but, time is a great healer! I found not sitting thinking about it was the best thing, I watched so many movies to take my mind off it, if you like reading, get a good book and escape for a bit. How long ago was the surgery? If only a few weeks then definitely try to sleep when you body it telling you too, i would sleep for hrs, lie on the sofa watching a movie and just fall asleep part way through.

Anyway, I know it is easy for me to say but try not to worry too much about how you are feeling, you will feel better soon trust me.

Best regards, thinking of you

Hi Martina,

My surgery was 5 months ago, so I suppose in the grand scheme of thing not that long ago. I was too very confident pre op, so trying to find out who I was before is hard. There are other factors in how I feel i think but these steps had to be taken in order for me to have the surgery and well live ha, it was a me or 'it' situation, I chose me and possibly feel guilty for that.

Anyway like you said time is a great healer and over time it will get easier now I know whats wrong with me :)


Thank you for all your support and kind words,



The thing that has raised my confidence post-surgery is doing a course. I enrolled on an access course 9 months after my surgery, and so far things are going well. I've met new people and am coping with commuting, managing my workload and my family. My husband has been a great help with the children, and it's wonderful to know that my brain is still working (and can keep up with people 20 years younger than me).

When I got to the college, I discovered that students were not permitted to use the lift, and most of my classes are on the 6-8th floors. I went straight to student services and explained about my op, and they issued me with a lift pass. I have only used it twice, I can do so much more than I think I can.

I honestly think that challenging myself is the best thing that I have done. Getting over an op does take time, and you will get there too.

Hi Carly,


I ended up in the operating theatre after having a cardic arrest while in the gym and being resusiciated (full paddle gig), so in many ways I didn't have the pre op apprehension that others had - but the flip side is that at 40 I have now got a heart that should last me well into into old age (and at least one component beyond). For the first few months I lived in fear with a lingerly feeling of this was the end...I am now back to work, back training & exercising fives times as hard as before, enjoying everything as before the op (except booze) in a calmer more enlightened fashion hopefully now more appreciative of the important things in life - you will too.


Sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit low, yes I certainly; like many  dwelt upon how close I was to death, yet how lucky I am to be here. I had tremendous support from my wife and my family and friends, also work colleagues. Then, as often than not, I found support from an unexpected source. A guy who I work with in Saudi sent me a prayer, this act of kindness certainly made me think even more about my frailty, but more than anything else, it made me think of how fortunate most of us are to have so many generous people around us. Take good care, and I hope that you will soon be feeling more positive. Kevin

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