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Hello all.

On 02 December I had a 'Frozen Elephant Trunk Procedure' (FET)  to replace all of my Aortic Arch because the original repair from my first Aortic Dissection in 2003 (which necessitated the fitting of my MHV) had worn out at the graft site and I had an aneurysm of 8 cm plus where the originla graft joined the aorta. The FET procedue is highly complex/risky and took 10 hours as they replace ALL the aotic arch with a new prothesis. Rocovering slowly now - but it has knocked me for a six plus they damaged the left laryngeal nerve which controls swallowing, breathing, drinking, voice  etc so have a long recovery with speech therapy in the coming months. Accordingly I have decided to shut this site down this week as don't have the energy/time to maintain any more plus other digital media pages have now become much more prominent than this site on this subject  - which started in 2011 - so a good run! Thank you for all that took part and are/were members - it has been an honour to be part of your/my/our MHV world. :-) 

God Bless all

Graeme Archer
Aortic Dissection UK

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