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Not sure if anyone have experienced this before... I've been taking Warfarin for 4 months now since my surgery. Recently I had to fly for work (St. John's Newfoundland to Goose Bay Labrador, Canada). As I went through the metal detector I got randomly selected for more detailed screening. I was travelling with a carry on laptop bag and laptop. They swabbed all of this and detected what they called an "unusual substance". So that lead to more scanning and a pat down and out came the forms for questioning. Turns out the warfarin that I had in the prescription bottles in my laptop bag was picked up by the sniffer and was also found on my laptop itself. Once they asked about any heart medication I was good to go after recording information about my occupation and work place.

Anyone else experience this? Another delay to look forward to at the airport!

By the way, I've also recently learned it's a good idea to wash your hands after handling the warfarin pills. I rubbed my eyes after taking my pills and it stung like hell.

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I guess you didn't have luggage as I put all my medication in it. Apart from what I need but I always carry my ID.


been on warfarin for 13 years and always carry a set of pills in hand luggage and checked luggage. Never been 'sniffed' for this before! I did however have a lady in a movie theatre once ask me to put my watch in my pocket to stop the ticking noise :-) (I said no BTW!)


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