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Hi there. I have just left hospital after a 6 hour op to re-do my aortic valve and to replace the mitral. My vision has deteriorated since the operation. I can see, but everything seems blurred. Does anyone know please whether this a common problem and whether it will correct. Any assisistance would be appreciated. Thank you. Jo

Jo, had the same after my open heart op. Still get occasional blurred (double) vision attacks 11 years on but don't worry about it now! Been to lots specialists etc but they not sure..some say it is the red blood cells 'clumping' behind the optic nerve but my fav diagnosis seems to be that I have a VERY small epileptic attack now and again (about every 3-4 months or so) as I was on life support for 11 hours on the table which is a tad too long..) Don't know if you on warfarin or not but presume you are if you are a member of the MHV site ..... However I think that it also has a lot to do with the general anaesthetic as well.. Overall its nothing to worry about as it does or should sort it self out eventually... My case is a bit different but again it does not stop me from driving computer going out etc as as my attacks are pretty rare and go in 3 -5 mins or so.. and are NOT the norm it seems for MV recipients... ;-)    

Hi Jo, 

I also had an issue with blurred vision post Aortic valve replacement – in Apr12. Before the Op my eyesight was pretty good – normal ‘getting older eyes’ issues! But post Op I found my vision was blurry, degree of ‘blurriness’ reduced with time but I recall for several weeks post Op, it was at times quite blurry. Although, I sometimes find words are still a bit blurred, hard to say if it is now an age thing. It is not an issue for me at all and I am not worried about it.

I was told that post Op I should wait at least 6 months before having an eye tests as it might take some time for my eyes to ‘re-adjust’. So, given the medical guy’s said this, there must be something to the fact that the surgery might affect eyesight.

I found one eye was/is worse than the other.

Hope this helps a bit.

Best regards


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