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Support Group for Mechanical & Artificial Heart Valve Surgery & Using Warfarin


Hi - and welcome to the online Mechanical Heart Valve Support Group subscription page! 

Our group is unique in that it is the only support group for Mechanical Heart Valve patients in the world and as such is ranked No.1 world wide on Internet search engines for MHV patients information & support.

Since its inception in 2008 we have helped and supported through our extensive membership base and online prominence many thousands of people who have had or are contemplating heart valve surgery.

This site (and its sister site: The Aortic Dissection Support Group) has been operating since startup in 2008 on a purely voluntary basis and receives NO  SPONSORSHIP or support from any medical or business sector whatsoever.

Real costs both in outside services and labour apply to the cost of operating the MHV Support site (web hosting, web site creation, web site maintainance, forum monitoring etc ). With the site now grown to its present size and membership it is regrettably now no longer able to be provided as a free service as the cost of operating the site is now prohibitive without any form of income to help defray some of the site operating costs. 

To this end, a modest per annum fee of $25 USD ($2.08 per month) (Approx £15 UK Pounds per annum) applies to EXISTING MEMBERS from 15 September 2012. (For those who can utilise it a LIFELONG membership option is also available on the dropdown Paypal section below for a one-time payment of $100 USD.) (All lifelong MHV members will be featured on the site as a lifelong MHV Member.)

Any existing members not upgraded to paid membership after 15 September 2012 will be still be able to access parts of the site but not sign in or use any of the services (forums, blogs etc) on the site.

All NEW MEMBERSHIPS from this date (15 September 2012) also will be subject to a subscription fee to join the site.  

This decision to apply membership fees has not been taken lightly however it is now no longer an option to provide this site and its services on a complimentary basis if it is to stay in operation.

The MHV Support Group is - and will always remain a 'NOT FOR PROFIT' service with its extremely modest membership subscriptions used to pay for the above services plus expand the site technology platform to provide and upgrade more services such as smartphone access and facebook and twitter integration.

So. welcome aboard - and remember - Tick. Click. Thump. Love it!

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**** Please answer Y (YES) or N (NO) above if you are ALSO a member of the Aortic Dissection (AD) Support Group ****

*If you are also a member of our sister site The Aortic Dissection Support Group (AD) your AD Support Group membership will be COMPLIMENTARY so long as you are a fully paid member of the MHV Group. 

**We have a small glitch with the LIFELONG MEMBERSHIP subscription dropdown above as it shows a yearly cost - however it is a ONE OFF payment only so please ignore the glitch and use the dropdown link. Paypal is rectifying.

* Note: You DO NEED to be registered with Paypal to use the MHV Subscription service, however you DO NOT NEED to have a Paypal account.

You can simply use your credit card to pay through our Paypal interface by just registering with Paypal.



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