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Warfarin by the Kilo.. :-)

OK - hows this for a statistic! Since my Aortic Dissection and replacement of my aortic Valve 13 YEARS AGO last week - I have chewed my way through 1/3 of a kilo of warfarin ..and 2 kilos of Atenolol.. scary! 13 Down - 17 to go! :-)

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Health Update & Membership: Mechanical Heart Valve Support Group

Hi all,

hope all had a lovely Xmas and have started a bright and shiny New Year on a positive spin.... and the Xmas pounds (certainly hope not kilograms!) are now being attacked vigorously in the gym and bracing 10 mile bicycle rides etc!

Firstly my health update. Radiation treatment now all finished and side effects fading quickly.. so it seems .. so very happy on that front. First check-up end of Feb as have to wait for radiated bits to cool down (joke!) so tests…


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** Important Information for all MHV members**

Hello everyone - I hope you are all well, healthy and happy and enjoying our wonderful summer (Northern Hemisphere!)


Firstly, my apologies for not being more active on both this, our  (MHV site) over the last 18 months or so, but running our own (very busy now!) specialist travel business and generally really living life to the full (:-) ) has kept…


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The BIG Question...MHV or Tissue valve? The bogeyman = Warfarin

** Before you read this blog post in its entirety let me reiterate that this decision (MHV v tissue valve) is an incredibly personal (and difficult!) decison and that their are nearly equal advantages to having one procedure or the other. This decision is ultimately made between yourself and your medical professional and should be based primarily on their professional opinion and recommendation.

Background: It appears that their 'seems' to be quite a spirited difference of opinion…


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Warfarin CookBook! - : A special Cookbook for Warfarin/Coudamin Users

Safe Recipes for Coumadin® (Warfarin) Users

As all users of Warfarin know, we have to keep our INR (International Normalized Ratio) levels stable, mostly between 2.8 -3.5. This usually means we have to avoid foods (mostly leafy vegetables!) that are super rich in Vitamin K. Very few cook books presently exist that are devoted to Warfarin users, however this cookbook by Dr Gourmet… Continue

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Mechanical Heart Valves...(MHV) - What's it all about Alfie?

Inaugural Post:

Mechanical Heart Valve:

So you have a mechanical heart valve (MHV) - or you have to have your heart valve replaced -and are contemplating the options: mechanical valve or biological valve. (MHV - Now that's a cool acronym..also used I believe for 'Mouse Hepatitis Virus!' ..hmmm...) What is an MHV? - MHV's are prosthetics designed to replicate the function of the natural valves of the human heart. First Up. - This site is NOT about 'pushing' one… Continue

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