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Hi All, 

Sorry not been on this site for a while. Just to keep you posted as its 5 months since my aortic valve replacement.

I saw my Cardiologist this week and i had a few questions answered. I was due to have ascending aorta replacement during the op but since found out i had a twist in the aorta that they managed to straighten but forgot to ask how!

I also found out something interesting as i didn't have a Bicuspid valve, i had a Quadricuspid valve (4 leaflets), but the 4 leaflets had fused into 2 so it looked like a bicuspid valve with 2 cusps around the outside of the valve instead of 3. Hope i haven't complicated things!Has anyone else heard of this? Anyway outcome good and a follow up in 12 months.

Also well done to Martina on your amazing 45km cycle, that is amazing.

Nicholae, how are you? hope you are ok? You've had a rough time, i hope things are improving for you. 

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Comment by Martina on June 30, 2013 at 15:55

Hi Lee-Anne,

Great to hear from you and to know you are keeping well. It's a fantastic feeling when your Cardiologist says "See you in 1 yr" - congrats.

I have never heard of a Quadricuspid value - interesting indeed.

I've just been cycling again today in the beautiful weather, while it lasts! - 25miles - I felt fine - I don't push it too hard my average speed is approx 12miles per hr and average heart rate is ~135BPM, stopping off at a pub or two for a diet Coke or one half a lager :) which helps greatly. When I get to approx 150BPM I can still feel something in my chest, hard to describe it but I think it is still pain in the chest bone as it's when I'm going up a hill so putting pressure on the upper part of the body.

Take care

Best regards



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