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Just to share again I m day 12 post op. Today in the morning I walked to the village (about 1 mile away) had a look at the market stalls and had a nice coffee and a bacon bap. My mum was cleaning so she wanted me out the house lol. Than a friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go to Maplin and look around and I did as I wanted a TV tuner for my laptop. 

About 2 PM I went with mum and another two friends to Tesco and did a bit of shopping (no lifting but lots of walking) and in the evening I cooked a meal with my mum help marinated nando chicken breast with corn on cob chips and baby brocoli (vitamin K very important with warfarin). I called the ward I was looked after at St George and asked if I m allowed a small glass of winne and they said yes. So had a nice dinner and my mum made pancakes with mascarpone and vanilla. So now she is washing the dishes, I thought I ll share what I ve been up to. 

So 12 days after I feel very good. The odd sharp pain (most likely cause I cant seat still) and the blood clot on my leg hurts as it pushes against a nerve but life is good. Very good. And I feel so energetic although sometime I find myself a tad out of breath.

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