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Got my appointment through yesterday to see the Cardiac Surgeon, a specialist in Mitral Valve Surgery at Leeds General Infirmary on August 7th.

Also saw my Cardiologist at Pinderfields, Wakefield to check I was OK after the Angiogram.  I will be discharged back to the Cardiologist at Pinderfields after Surgery and he has made me an appointment for 6 months by which time I will have had surgery.

Seems to be gathering momentum quite quickly. Funny these days  how life seems to be dominated by hospital appointments, significant dates and latching onto the wise words of the medics.


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Comment by Tracey Amey on July 9, 2012 at 13:43

Hi Janet,yes its hereditary consultant has only recently started looking into it thou,i fell ill in march 2010 and was treated for a clot at first,took doctors till sept 2010 to realise what was wrong with me,had surgery feb 2011 and when i got out i said to my dad who was 79 at time that his symptoms were similar to mine and has he ever had his heart checked ,he was treated for asthma for years but now they are saying he prob had this heart problem all along as now hes had surgery he has no asthma symptoms at all.My 2 daughers have heart murmors and my sister has one to,so they are checking them every year now.You will feel more tired ,its very important to rest when your feeling tired and not over do it ,i was tired but done to much as thought i could carry on as usual and it made me worse.I still prop myself up now i cannot breath lying down i have a CPAP machine to help me now thou so hopefully be sleeping normally soon.I was scared to before surgery its to be expected ,it helps to talk to others who have been there ,thats what go me through it ,i had good and bad days,before and after surgery but do as your told thats the best advice i can give ,rest when your body is telling u to and take one day at a time ,im here to chat whenever you need me ,my email address is and im on facebook to if you wanna look me up just stay strong xx

Comment by Janet Hogger on July 8, 2012 at 7:27

Nice to hear from you Tracey.  I meet the Cardiac Surgeons Aug 7 so I'll have a better idea about the type of valve then. My Cardiologist said he thought it would be Mechanical.  It appears that this is a hereditary condition as my sister died of it recently.  With your dad having the same problem wondered if yours was hereditary also? Thanks for the encouraging words.  I am starting to get more tired now and I notice that I'm propping myself on pillows at night as a I have a dry cough.  Trying to get myself to a calm place now but some days filled with fear!  x

Comment by Tracey Amey on July 7, 2012 at 22:42

Good Luck with the surgery,i had MVR in february 2011 ,you wont no yourself ,i opted for a mechanical valve .My dad also Had his MVR in July 2011 and he has a pigs valve .What have you opted for be nice to hear back from you x

Comment by Janet Hogger on June 26, 2012 at 13:31

Thanks for the good wishes Neil.  The sooner the better now I'm facing up to it!

Comment by Neil Buckland on June 26, 2012 at 12:16

Hello Janet,

Glad most of the procedures are out of the way. Hope you get a date soon. Best wishes,


Comment by Gary Wade on June 19, 2012 at 19:05
Hi, I agree that things do appear to come around at a quick rate once they said its time... Meeting my surgeon on Thursday... I'm hoping that we can choose when I have operation, as consultant said after holidays etc. fingers crossed!

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