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Hello everyone,

What i was going to ask advise on was drinking beer. Pre op i ued to drink 3/4 cans of moderate strength beer (4%) every other night while watching movies. I haven had any beer since my op but i would like to return to that part of my life as i really enjoy watching a good movie with a few beers (i stopped smoking 1 month ago nd hvent gone back so need some pleasures lol), However i am aware i am very new to warfarin and i dont want to tip the balance. I know my own body pretty well, im 6 1, 200 pounds and have quite a goo tolerance to beer generally.

Thanks for your time everyone Simon

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Comment by Kev A on March 27, 2012 at 23:00

G - you take 7.5mg too - FFS!  Starting to freak me out now


However, this is an area where we differ. 


I loved alcohol prior to my dissection and love it just the same now.   Upon my Wafarin introduction meeting, the first thing I asked, was about alcohol. She told me, literally, that alcohol had very little effect on INR.  It's the associated risk with too much alcohol that's the obvious problem.  To date, every INR check I've had, I've been in range.   Now I'm certainly not going to preach that everyone should follow suit, but I do think, there's more than meets the eye with the wafarin vs volume of alcohol intake.

He says after his 2nd tall glass of wine + 2 cans of 1664.    

Comment by Simon Greatbatch on March 18, 2012 at 22:23

Thanks for your advice Graeme, ill check with my GP the next time i have my INR check.

Comment by Graeme on March 18, 2012 at 19:01

Simon, thats a tough one. I suggest VERY strongly that you work closely with your doctor and cardioligist to sort this question out. You might have had a good tolerance to beer (alcohol) prior to your op but taking warfarin for life has now changed that ... sorry! The way too look at this is to take everything in moderation - Also whilst you don't want to let warfarin rule your body - ie you should now set your diet around having a reasonable amount of vit k intake (vegetables etc) and same with alcohol and adjust your INR/warfarin dosage to suit - you dont have to stop drinking - but you might have to cut down as I think 3-4 cans a day on warfarin is too much to be able to get a good balance with your warfarin intake/INR levels. I could be wrong but as I said ask your doctor on this one - they are the experts here!  Personally, I love my red wine but after a bit of trial and eror with my warfarin dosage have found that 1 large glass of red wine a night is my ideal limit. Now and again  (ie a dinner party etc) I might have 2 but that is not the norm. I also am fine with up to 1 and half pints of beer (only drink beer in the summer) a day instead of red wine - but thats the limit that my body and my warfarin intake (7.5 mg a day) is most stable with. I weigh about 165-168 lbs.

Hope this advice helps but as I said this is something that will take time to sort out and you must take medical advice and close supervsion on this to get your INR stable long term.





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