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I'm 2 weeks post-op.  From reading posts before my surgery, I was expecting to hear my valve. It was a bit startling at first, but I have gotten used to the noise.  What I'm struggling with now is feeling my heart-beat.  No doctor or nurse seems to understand this and they keep telling me my pulse rate is fine. I'm trying to explain to them it doesn't feel fast, but feels much stronger, I constantly feel it.  Is this normal? Will it start to decrease or is this something I will always have?  

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Comment by Martina on September 23, 2012 at 16:47

Hi Rebecca

I too could heard & felt the ticking/thumping at first (I had Aorta valve & Ascending Aorta replacement MHV)  - it was like my body (especially my upper back/neck) was vibrating, I found it very annoying. The feeling did reduce with time, I think after the first few weeks in my case the thumping/vibration reduced a lot and I was left with the sound. I used the Heartbeat River CD off & on for a while ~ first 6wks, it did help me get to sleep. I don't notice the heartbeat/noise now – just over 5months post Op, stopped noticing it approx 2 months ago. When I take a deep  breathe & hold it I can hear/feel the beat and to be honest I find it very calming to do this as it allows me to know the pulse is regular and all is well.


Don’t worry too much about this – I know easy to say but hard to do! Don’t forget you are only 2wks post Major surgery, you will feel better with every passing day - with a few up & down days too but this is normal – I had a few along the way :)

Take care

Best Regards


Comment by John French on September 22, 2012 at 12:50
Rebecca - feeling your heartbeat now you have an MHV is completely normal. You do get used to it quite quickly (in my experience) so should gradually fade into the background. You are only 2 weeks post op so it can seem a little daunting but as the weeks go by you will start to get used to the MHV.

All the best
Comment by Anne Jones on September 22, 2012 at 0:32

Hi Rebecca

I am so sorry I got your name wrong in my comment, I have tried to correct it .

Anne Jones

Comment by Anne Jones on September 21, 2012 at 22:27

Hi Karen

Do you monitor your blood pressure and pulse with a monitor   or check it manually?

I hear my valve , but don't feel my heart beating -except when my new pacemaker got stuck on 128! This happened 4 times in 9 months-what a feeling!  It is set for 60 beats per min.  72 is normal.    What is your pulse rate if you don't mind telling.     It is not normal to feel a strong heart beat constantly.  I see it has been two weeks . Will be watching and maybe someone else will have some knowledge on this .

Cheers :)

 Anne Jones


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