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Dr. Albert Starr  was the first Cardiac surgeon to successfully implant an artificial valve in a human being.  Lowell Edwards  a pioneer in Cardiac several years older came to Dr Starr to discuss an artificial heart, Dr. Starr suggested a valve first .  Together they implanted their design in several canines , who lived and were thriving .  They decided it was time for a human implant. The female patient was dying in an oxygen tent, she survived until an air embolism from her lungs went to the brain causing a fatal stroke. This did not happen with the canines as their hearts were smaller and did not hold air 

 September 21 1960 was the date of the first successful implant .  2011 marked the 50th year anniversary.  Dr Starr still works in Portland, Oregon . 

In 1963 he was invited to a cardiac thoracic meeting where multiple valve implants were shown on the 16 millimeter film.   A  single implant was shown , then a double , then a triple which Dr, Starr received a standing ovation. He also was awarded the Lasker Award equal to the Noble Prize.

       I have the STARR-EDWARDS  Valve implanted over 38 years ago and doing great.

  I give them a big THANKS

Cheers  & Smiles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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Comment by Anne Jones on March 20, 2012 at 2:13

Forgot to mention Dr. Starr was a 28 year old intern at the time of the AWARDS.   He also used canines to get a clotting process going for human valve      implants .   Clinical trials were completed in 2011 for catheter based insert of a valve to be approved by the FDA


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