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My name is John. I am 56 years old. My wife's name is Michele. Her daughter’s name is Mikayla. Mikayla's father passed away when she was 3. She is now 13. I have known Michele for almost twenty years. Michele and I dated for 8 years and we decided to get married last October. Marrying Michele was the best thing I ever did. She is (and has been) my saving grace since my mitral valve replacement surgery of Feb 6, 2011. She has been my rock. I hope everyone out there can give credit to the person/people who supported them during their surgery/recovery.

I had lung cancer back in 1988 (never smoked). I lost a lung and was told I had 6 weeks to live. I never believed them and formulated my own method of recovery. I used the same method to help me through the heart surgery recovery. FYI - my heart condition was caused by radiation treatments for the cancer. The doctors told me 22 years ago that my heart may be affected from the radiation. Unfortunately, they turned out to be right.

From my cancer days I learned the secrets that help lead to a successful recovery and as of this moment I can truly say it has worked for me again.

I can and will tell you all more later. For now I can tell everyone that attitude plays a major role in recovery and healing. If you think you have it bad do what I did. Walk around the hospital and peek in the rooms. You can always find someone in worse shape then you. I never did feel sorry for myself. I never felt self-pity.  Be patient with your recovery and thank your God each day for giving you another day. Talk to you all later……..stay positive.

Cheers from: “New Hampshire Mitral Man John”

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Comment by Graeme on June 7, 2011 at 19:09

Hi John..


Your story certainly strikes a chord with me as I too remember the grim dark days post op and my recovery...Staying strong is certainly the way to beat the grim reaper and recover.. I think we all have done that in many ways.... lots more survival stories over on our sister site at  and all based on our partners love and care (as was my recovery) and our inner strength and belief.


Continue to get better and I look forward to seeing your posts again soon.






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