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Sharing couple of pics from hospital

Maybe I m a bit barmy but wanted to have some memories from the very first day after the surgery. If I had my way I would have had the surgery recorded but didnt dare asking. Is fascinating how clever and brilliant surgeons and medical staff are.

So first pic waving is in ICU when they woke me up. All I remember is that I was starving, I was laughing lots (morphine) and the nurse was feeding me yogurt.

I also remember that my back, lungs felt like burning and wanted nothing more than walking away from the bed.

My mum and my boss and another friend came to ICU to see me and they told me that I was bossing them about ordering chocolates and flowers for the nurses. 

So I m sharing the pics 


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Comment by Richard Deal on November 3, 2012 at 11:48

hi nicolae,

this is the one thing i wish i had - pictures of me in hospital. everyone thinks i am morbid and they couldn't possibly help - but your pictures just go to show what it means to you and what a help it can be!

i look forward to more with a sense of trepidation and slight jealousy!

take care,


PS - loving your plumber's dream coming out of the neck - i remember mine with a sense of fondness and disgust. i managed to sleep on them a couple of time and ended up opening one of the valves inadvertedly soaking me and my bed in blood before the nurses noticed and sorted it and me out.

Comment by nic nic on October 22, 2012 at 20:12
Dear Anne

Thank you for sharing your story. To me this was the scariest time of my life so wanted to remember it well. This website and reading other people stories was my only comfort before and after the surgery.
So i m trying to help a little too by documenting my up and downfalls. Sorry to all for my spelling and number dislexia (never gett my numbers right).

Waw 39 years... Thats amazing.
Yes i think is not someyhing we will forget. My memories bring me back to wanting and dreaming of tasty food when i woke up. Yourself watter :)

Thank you again for the lovely comment smiles too, nicolae
Comment by Anne Jones on October 22, 2012 at 18:03

Hi Nicolae !

This is great  -will have pictures for later. Wish I had of thought to do that , in ICU or when I first woke up on a slab i wanted water . My sister wet a wash cloth and squeezed a drop ever so often without getting caught =--could have strangled me I guess. Finally I motioned to write so was handed a pen and paper i was still high and barely awake , I can remember all this I thought I was writing huge letter , but were so small could barely see them ~~I know I was writing" water!" I still have the notes and pictures I drew .  I was on a breathing machine and it was turned off & on so I would breathe on my own ---sure felt good when it come on !!

 I am sure our adventure was different as mine will be 39 years ago in Feb 2013. 

 I have followed your posts and comments all along , I wish you a speedy recovery and best of luck following your dismissal. 

Cheers & Smiles~~~~

Anne JonesS


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