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Thanks Graeme for all your hard work - I really want this Website to grow and continue to help other

Hi Graeme, I completely understand about the introduction of subscription fees. It must have taken a lot of your time over the years to 'control' this site. Thank you very much for starting it and organising it for so long. It has helped me so much over the past 10 months during the very stressful time of Pre & Post OP. It's hard to put into words how helpful this site has been for me & my family and I know it will continue to help me. I wanted to give something back to everyone on this fantastic Website who has comforted & supported me over this time – that is I really want this Website to grow hence I’m now a lifelong member.

Thanks again for your (& your families) hard work on maintaining this site.

Best regards


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Comment by Anne Mason on September 14, 2012 at 21:15

Couldn't have said it better myself Martina.    Have gained a lot of useful information from here, and wouldn't have got through the post-op period without it. 

Comment by Graeme on September 10, 2012 at 10:42

To all so far that have signed to the new membership system... THANK YOU so VERY VERY much. This site and our Aortic Dissection sister site has allowed - and continues to allow us all to put something back into society to help others who require the assistance and especially support that was not around when I had my clash with mortality 9 year ago.

Since then this group has been instrumental in helping thousands of people come to grips with either MHV surgery and Aortic Dissection (or both!) and all the myriad implications of such including warfarin.

In the last two weeks myself and my wife have been most privileged and honoured to watch first-hand much of the recent London Paralympic games which to us has reinforced what is best and good in all of us - the human spirit.

I hope that some of the amazing uplifting energy and feeling from this incredible event can rub off on everyone on this site and through our new modest subscription system we can continue to provide help and assistance to others who need our support. 





Comment by Dave Millard on August 31, 2012 at 19:52

Well said Martina and thank you Graeme!

So helpful and reassuring to be able to converse with others in the same boat, both pre and post op.


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