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Hi i met with the surgeon today. Great to be able to put a face to the name! He explained all whats to happen as i need aortic valve replacement and also ascending aorta replacement. Aorta not too dilated yet but will progress within the next 5 years so he said will replace it the same time. I asked how long will i have to wait and i think i was shocked as i can have the operation in November. But he also said with 2 young children perhaps i may want to wait till January so i can enjoy xmas. So i have to let him know this week but think i may wait till January so i can enjoy the time with the kids and  dont want to be in hospital for xmas! Also my surgeon did mention hopefully warfarin wont be used within 2-3 years as they are trialling new drugs (as ive alredy read on this site) so this will be great news for all of us!

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Comment by Martina on October 23, 2012 at 20:01

Hi Lee-Anne

That's good you have made the decision and can have a Xmas without worrying abouts aches & pains. I too will have regular check-ups going forward, I know I will see my Cardiologist next year.

Best regards


Comment by Lee-Anne Bray on October 23, 2012 at 19:33

Thanks for your reply. I've decided to wait until January . I am having a lot of symptoms but my surgeon did say i will be ok to wait until January.I also spoke to his secretary today and didnt sound like i would of had op until December anyway, so hoping January the better choice.

Also with a bicuspid valve i will need checks with cardiologist for the rest of my life to check the rest of the aorta. Is this something you 'll have to continue with aswell?

Also asked what type of valves they use and its a carbomedics valve.I know it dosent matter as i'll be having it but curious if anyone has one! Thanks again 


Comment by Martina on October 23, 2012 at 18:26

Hi Lee-Anne

Glad to hear your meeting went well. Yes, it’s good and reassuring to meet your surgeon. You do have a hard decision to make, as to whether to have Op in Nov or postpone until Jan next year. It’s never a good time, I guess if you are relatively symptom free then that might help you make your decision. I can understand Xmas with young kids could be difficult when you are trying to recover but then on the other hand you will think, is it better to get the Op ‘over and done with’ and get on the road to recovery soon – wishing you all the best in your decision making.

Best regards



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