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Warfarin CookBook! - : A special Cookbook for Warfarin/Coudamin Users

Safe Recipes for Coumadin® (Warfarin) Users

As all users of Warfarin know, we have to keep our INR (International Normalized Ratio) levels stable, mostly between 2.8 -3.5. This usually means we have to avoid foods (mostly leafy vegetables!) that are super rich in Vitamin K. Very few cook books presently exist that are devoted to Warfarin users, however this cookbook by Dr Gourmet seems to offer easy, healthy recipes individually labeled for their usability for Coumadin (warfarin) users, with all the recipes on considered safe for Warfarin users.

They can contain some Vitamin K, but in amounts that are small enough not to cause problems. Remember that it is important to consume approximately the same amount of foods containing Vitamin K each day. By using the information in the individual recipes this will also help you manage your intake so that your Warfarin intake remains level and is therefore most effective.

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Comment by Richard Deal on October 12, 2010 at 15:08
i think the only affect the coumadin/marcumar (phenprocoumon) has had on my lifestyle so far is that i have had a medication change. before being on marcumar i needed a deep intramuscular injection every 2 weeks - since marcumar everyone refused to do it, so i am now on a transdermal gel.
the secret to getting on with marcumar is consistency. provided you don't change what you eat/drink much once you are on it, it is relatively bombproof (unless like graeme you have bad reactions to antibiotics).
re the sodium: i would try and kick it completely - 2+g salt per day, although it is only 33% of the maximum recommended daily sodium allowance for an adult male, is still going to increase blood pressure and promote arteriosclerotic disease.
Comment by Graeme on October 11, 2010 at 19:00
Hey Jonathan

have a look at the Warfarin forum - got lots in it!


Comment by Jonathan F Bushey on October 11, 2010 at 18:41
I guess I have been a little shy about asking some questions but I think I might need to about the meds I will be on after the Surgery. I know I was told I will be on Coumadin (or another blood thinner) after surgery but have no Idea what that will effect or how it will effect me and my life style after surgery.

No one, that is until I noticed this post, has said anything to me about Vitamin K or any other amounts or levels of stuff in my system. Well nothing other than when they released me from the Hospital through now have had me on Lasix and Potassium pills and to keep below 2000mg Sodium a day


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